Terry Marshall Campie Discovers Boy Scouts.

  Boy Scouts in the 1960s was a rural boy’s dream. And for Terry M. Campie, it was no exception.

  Terry Campie joined as a Tenderfoot, without participating in Cub Scouts. He was positively influenced by his cousin Steve who was a successful Eagle Scout.

 Terry Campie quickly rose through the ranks and eventually achieved Life Scout status. Terry Marshall Campie served as a Patrol Leader and eventually as a Senior Patrol Leader. Other leadership roles he had were in organizing the camp trip, hikes, and training programs for the merit badge regimen.

Terry Campie

     Terry Campie swam a mile in his youth, camped routinely, and in particular loved winter camping. Terry Marshall Campie tells several winter camping stories. One Terry Campie recalls is in January after a heavy snowfall when he was 17 years old Terry Campie had backpacked into the backwaters of the Mississippi River across 18 inches of snow covering the frozen sloughs. After setting up his one-man tent in the dark, he gathered some wood, made a small fire and cooked a can of beans, and drank water from his Boy Scout canteen. Then once the fire died down, around 8 pm, and since there was little else left to do Terry Campieretired to his tent by crawling into his Herter’s down-filled mummy-style sleeping bag. Campie lit a small battery-powered lantern and turned on his grandfather’s AM transistor radio, hoping to hear a radio mystery that occasionally played.

Terry Marshall Campie

  At that moment, it seemed like the world was all Terry Campie‘s…peace and quiet. As the time grew toward midnight, and Terry Campie had fallen asleep he was suddenly awakened by the barrel of a shotgun in his face and a man shouting, “What are you doing out here!!” Apparently, it was not apparent…sleeping. Then after being accused of breaking into Loren Griesi’s (sp?), Loren allowed Terry Campie the privilege of trying to return to sleep….

  But after all of that, Terry M. Campiesimply packed his gear and hiked back to his home. Winter camping over for that night.

  Later, Terry Campie ended up dating Bunny, Loren’s past girlfriend and Campie and Loren told the story many times to many friends.

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