Some Uncovered Facts About Terry Marshall Campie

Terry Campie is the owner of the ATC course. He has been involved in “The Addiction Connection” (TAC) mission through training and support from the Ministry of Cleanliness. . It’s an online advertising program like the popular “I’m Second” program that emphasizes being well-organized and has the added benefit of being peer-reviewed for performance.

Terry Campie

Terry has also attended the November 2022 TAC training summit in Florence, Illinois.

Terry M. Campie was recently approve as a mentor for the Davenport, Iowa “180 ministries”.

Terry also attends weekly Bible Studies. Mondays are a men’s study of Luke, Wednesdays are a men’s/women’s evening study of Matthew, and Saturdays/are a women’s study of Ezekial.

He also leads /participates in a book study on Watchman Nee the “Spiritual Man” with a friend meeting weekly at a local truck stop in Clinton Iowa.

Terry Marshall Campie, a 1986 graduate of the University of Iowa Master of Business Administration (MBA), has successfully applied his training to many different businesses.

In 1990, he purchased Memory Gardens Cemetery (MG). Through Terry Campie’s structured sales program, MG became Iowa’s leading pre-need cemetery.

Then, Terry Campie expanded that one cemetery to 5 additional cemeteries in Iowa.
In 1996, Mr. Terry Campie sold his entire cemetery holdings to the Loewen Group, an international cemetery/funeral corporation that traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

Biography Of Terry Campie: The Inspiring Life Story

The man who overcame all odds to achieve his dreams.

Terry Campie’s life is an inspiring tale of perseverance, hard work, and dedication. From a young age, Terry Campie faced numerous challenges that would have deterred most people from pursuing their dreams. However, he remained steadfast in his purpose of success and ultimately appeared victorious.

Early Life and Struggles

Terry marshall campie was born in a small town in Michigan in the early 1970s. He grew up in a family of eight, and his parents struggled to make ends meet. Terry’s father worked as a factory worker, while his mother worked as a nurse. Despite the financial struggles, Terry’s parents always encouraged him to pursue his dreams and never give up.

Terry Campie

One of the biggest challenges Terry faced in his early life was his struggle with dyslexia. He found it difficult to read and write, affecting his performance in school. However, Terry campie was determined to succeed and worked tirelessly to overcome his learning disability. He spent countless hours reading and practicing, and eventually, his hard work paid off.

Terry’s Career and Achievements

After completing high school, Terry joined the United States Navy. He served for over a decade, traveling to different parts of the world and gaining invaluable life experience. After that, Terry pursued his passion for entrepreneurship and started his own business.

In 2005, Terry campie founded his company, specializing in manufacturing and distributing high-quality automotive products. The company has extended steadily over the years and is a leader in the industry today. Terry’s dedication and hard work have earned him multiple honors, including the Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Terry’s success in business has brought him personal fulfillment and allowed him to give back to his community. He is actively involved in various charitable organizations and is committed to positively impacting society.

In a nutshell:

Today, Terry marshall campie is a successful entrepreneur, a loving husband, and a proud father. He continues to inspire others and is positively impacting the world. His inspiring journey serves as a reminder that anything is possible if you are willing to put in the effort.

Education Background Of Terry Marshall Campie

Interested to know about the educational background of Terry Marshall Campie? Terry has completed his B. A degree from St. Ambrose College, Davenport IA.

Terry Campie was very keen to learn and his academic skills led him to complete an MBA from the University of IOWA’s terminal degree in business.

Terry Campie

After the completion of his master’s degree, he decided to do a Ph.D. in business administration and he did it. Terry Campie achieved a certificate in Advance Business Research from TUI(Touro University International).

In the very early stage of his life, Terry starts understanding the real meaning of life. He was sharp and a quick learner but also a child who deep down knows that he himself has to build his empire.

His grandfather plays a very important role in his life. He taught him all those things that one should know to be successful in life and Terry Marshall nailed it.

Terry Marshall Campie Discovers Boy Scouts.

  Boy Scouts in the 1960s was a rural boy’s dream. And for Terry M. Campie, it was no exception.

  Terry Campie joined as a Tenderfoot, without participating in Cub Scouts. He was positively influenced by his cousin Steve who was a successful Eagle Scout.

 Terry Campie quickly rose through the ranks and eventually achieved Life Scout status. Terry Marshall Campie served as a Patrol Leader and eventually as a Senior Patrol Leader. Other leadership roles he had were in organizing the camp trip, hikes, and training programs for the merit badge regimen.

Terry Campie

     Terry Campie swam a mile in his youth, camped routinely, and in particular loved winter camping. Terry Marshall Campie tells several winter camping stories. One Terry Campie recalls is in January after a heavy snowfall when he was 17 years old Terry Campie had backpacked into the backwaters of the Mississippi River across 18 inches of snow covering the frozen sloughs. After setting up his one-man tent in the dark, he gathered some wood, made a small fire and cooked a can of beans, and drank water from his Boy Scout canteen. Then once the fire died down, around 8 pm, and since there was little else left to do Terry Campieretired to his tent by crawling into his Herter’s down-filled mummy-style sleeping bag. Campie lit a small battery-powered lantern and turned on his grandfather’s AM transistor radio, hoping to hear a radio mystery that occasionally played.

Terry Marshall Campie

  At that moment, it seemed like the world was all Terry Campie‘s…peace and quiet. As the time grew toward midnight, and Terry Campie had fallen asleep he was suddenly awakened by the barrel of a shotgun in his face and a man shouting, “What are you doing out here!!” Apparently, it was not apparent…sleeping. Then after being accused of breaking into Loren Griesi’s (sp?), Loren allowed Terry Campie the privilege of trying to return to sleep….

  But after all of that, Terry M. Campiesimply packed his gear and hiked back to his home. Winter camping over for that night.

  Later, Terry Campie ended up dating Bunny, Loren’s past girlfriend and Campie and Loren told the story many times to many friends.

Ultimate Life Journey Of Terry Marshall Campie

The life journey of Terry Marshall Campie is very inspiring. He went through many phases, ups and downs in his life. Terry started earning at a very young age to provide. If you are the one who finds himself a bit low, you must read the whole life journey of Terry Campie.

He is an MBA graduate of the University of Iowa and began a cemetery career as President of Memory Gardens (MG) in Iowa City, Iowa on May 1, 1990.

Using his years of experience and skills, Terry Campie increased sales for MG by 30 times in just 12 months of joining.

Terry Campie accomplished this through a formal sales program that offered innovative products and services to Johnson County, Iowa.

Terry Campie’s leadership meant MG became the Midwest’s highest-selling cemetery, beating all of Iowa’s longest-established and larger cemeteries in pre-need sales.

Terry Campie’s success in this area resulted from his and his employees’ devotion to providing the best and most affordable care in the industry.

Talking about the personal life of Terry Campie, he is a father of two sons, Paul and Peter, and a daughter, Lucy, who grew up in Camanche, Iowa.

Unfortunately, his son Paul died 4 days after birth on January 1, 1988. Terry Campie and his wife Dena then gave birth to another beautiful child Peter Lawrence Campie on June 6, 1990.

Terry Marshall Campie & His Experience With Memory Gardens (MG)

Do you know that Terry Campie increased sales for MG by 30 times? This happened when he was the President of Memory Gardens (MG) in Iowa City, Iowa on May 1, 1990.

You may hear it a thousand times that “Great things take time” but Terry is a live example of that. Terry Campie was in 8th standard when he first started earning as a dishwasher in Tony’s Taco House, located in Camanche, Iowa.

He used to live with his grandfather and he was his first tutor. When he died, Terry had to fight the challenges alone and then he joined Swift Company, a turkey processing factory in Clinton, Iowa.

His grandfather accentuated the value of arduous work and was the most principal factor in Terry Campie’s later owning several companies in Iowa and in the United States Virgin Islands.

Coming back to the topic, Terry Marshall Campie began his entrepreneurial career in the cemetery and was elected as President of Memory Gardens Cemetery (MG) in Iowa City, Iowa. At that time, he was also the President and Chief Executive Officer of Memory Gardens Group Incorporated (MGGI).

He was responsible for the operations of all cemetery operations including grounds maintenance and development.

Terry Campie’s leadership meant MG became the Midwest’s highest-selling cemetery beating all of Iowa’s longest-established and larger cemeteries in pre-need sales. Terry Campie’s success in this area was a result of devotion by him and his employees to providing the best and most affordable care in the industry.

Terry Marshall Campie Life Experiences

If you are someone who is interested in marketing in a wide set of industries, then you must consider Terry Marshall Campie. For over 24 years he has been responsible for marketing management for various companies ranging from cemeteries to electric utilities to detergent companies. These include funeral and cemetery products, including direct sales programs, other retail sales, industrial, institutional, and commercial products, and services.

His success in these highly diverse business industries and markets is unusual and commendable. His success is attributed to his high motivation, innovation, and hard work with a positive, “can-do” attitude and managing various challenging projects simultaneously. Besides diverse industries, Terry Campie has experience working with economically and culturally diverse clients.

Terry Marshall Campie’s experience level is so broad and deep that it is difficult to capsulate it in this article but will start here with a cursory look at both his education and professional experience.

Education Background of Terry Marshall Campie

Terry Marshall is really inspiring. He completed his Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Industrial Psychology with an emphasis in Personnel from St. Ambrose College (SAC), Davenport IA, while pursuing a full-time, professional career as an Electrical Engineering Technician for Iowa Illinois Gas and Electric in Davenport, Iowa.

His interest in entrepreneurship and academic skills led him to be accept and enroll in the University of Iowa’s Master of Business Administration (MBA)program, even before graduating from SAC.
At the time, the Iowa MBA program was rank 13th in the nation for the affordability of terminal degrees in business. Three months before he complete his MBA, Terry Marshall Campie was name Chief Executive Officer of Maquoketa Municipal Electric Utility. Upon graduation from Iowa, Mr. Campie pursued his Ph.D. in business administration and achieved a certificate in Advance Business Research from TUI(Touro University International).

Professional Experience of Terry M.Campie

  Here we will itemize many of the highlights of Terry Marshall Campie’s professional experience.

  • The Maquoketa Municipal Electric Utility Board elected Terry Marshall Campie to be their first Chief Executive Officer (CEO), entitled as UtilityManager. Campiesupervised all divisions of the Utility, including electric Production, Electric Distribution and maintenance, Customer Service, and Energy Conservation.
  • Mr. Campiesupervised all Department Heads and directly oversaw all Customer Services Personnel.
  • Some of Mr. Campie’s responsibilities included: Implementing a networked computer system, preparing, and monitoring billing & expense reports, and overseeing and coordinating all day-to-day operations of the entire Electric Utility.
  • Terry Campie’s responsibilities required him to prepare monthly written financial, operational, and budgetary reports for the Board of Directors and manage a multimillion budget.
  • Terry Campie also served as the chief union negotiator for the Utility, successfully negotiating a long-term agreement with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).
  • To encourage energy savings, Mr. Campie created and instituted a “Save Energy” marketing plan encouraging co-generation and peak shaving with local generation to lower electricity costs for its customers.
  • In Utility Billing, Mr. Campie improved collections from a 30% delinquency to less than a 2% delinquency.
  • Bringing the Utility into the computer age and implementing PC technology, Mr. Campiedesigned, and implemented the Utility’s first Local Area Network (LAN). The LAN utilized municipal electric utility-specific software for billing, meter readings, and customer service. He replaced hand/paper billing with a fully automated computer-generated billing and report writing system.
  • In his 3-year tenure, Terry Marshall Campie increased Utility reserves from a zero balance to over $1 million, while updating many of the required Distribution Division’s vehicles, increasing employee wages, and reducing customer cost of electricity.

Upon leaving the electric utility business, in 1989 Mr. Campie joined Clinton Memorial Cemetery & Funeral Home, first as a Sales Counselor then later that year as Sales Manager for all cemetery and funeral products and services.

  • Mr. Campie took every job seriously and responsibly, whether small or large. Shifting from the Utility business to the Cemetery business demonstratesTerry Campie’s flexibility. He was always ready to take on new challenges and to adapt and successfully apply his skills to many areas of business.
  • This is illustrated by his taking on a new industry – Cemetery and agreeing to start his career, although highly educated with a nationally recognized MBA, as a door-to-door salesperson selling pre-need funerals and cemeteries.
  • His expertise and hard work were quickly recognized and rewarded by his promotion to Sales Manager. As Sales Manager, he was responsible for all before-need sales and sales personnel.
  • Impressively, he also wrote newspaper advertisements, developed coupon programs, and managed marketing programs.


In this above article, we have tried to mention just some of the professional journeys of Terry Marshall Campie. Although it is not possible to include everything in this small article, we’ve given a hint of the caliber of businessman Terry Campie became in his professional career. To know more, please contact him today; he is ready to offer you guidance and advice.